A Course In Miracles and Unitarian Universalism – Original Sin

A Course In Miracles and Unitarian Universalism

Chapter One Original Sin

In order to understand A Course In Miracles, the student must first comprehend its metaphysics. “Metaphysics” is the study of thought systems describing ultimate reality. ACIM is based on the idea of the Oneness of the Ultimate Reality. Human consciousness was born from what ACIM calls the “tiny mad idea” that human beings, God’s creations, could be separate from God.            

This “tiny mad idea” lead to the birth of the ego which believes that it, itself, is God, and this mistaken belief, leads to suffering.            

This egotistical belief that the self is God is manifested in many ways that are called sin, mistakes, illusions, delusions, wrong mindedness, and insanity.            

ACIM teaches that its purpose is not to teach the meaning of Love for that cannot be taught, but to make one aware of the blocks and obstacles to the awareness of Love’s presence, the beatific Oneness that we call heaven, the kingdom, Nirvana, bliss, peace, home.            

The primary vehicle which the ego uses to establish its kingdom is what ACIM calls “special relationships” which are based on guilt, fear, and wrong mindedness. This guilt, fear, and wrong-mindedness is manifested in “give to get” and “one or the other” dynamics of special relationships. This can simply be called “conditional love.” “I’ll love you if….” And “it’s all your fault, and “you made me do it.”            

Unitarian Univeralism does not believe in separation and exclusion. Unitarian Univeralism is what is called a “covenantal” religion because it is based on a covenant to affirm and promote seven principles. Unitarian Universalism is about joining with Unconditional Love rather than about separation based on differences that judge, punish, and exclude.            

The practices of Unitarian Universalism are counter-cultural. They are not based on individual ego, but on recognition, acknowledgment, and functioning based on interdependence.            

The original sin was the egotistical thought that the self was God. This thought system is alive and well in our secular and religious societies to this day. Unitarian Univeralism offers a different view and based on this a different way of life.